Kenmore Vacuum Parts

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A wide range of Kenmore vacuum parts are available for Kenmore vacuum models. Since 1987, Kenmore has been among Americas bestselling vacuum cleaners, and the available Kenmore vacuum parts reflect the need to service a wide variety of models.

One of the most used features of any vacuum is the brush. Nozzle motors are available to turn the brush roll, and replacement brush rolls are also available. The motors are designed to fit any Kenmore vacuum, while brush rolls can be purchased for either upright or canister models. Power nozzle necks are available for canister vacuums to support wand brush rolls, and vacuum wands are available in sets.

Other Kenmore vacuum parts include parts for the vacuums electrical system. This can be as simple as a vacuum cord winder and cord or as complicated PCB boards for models built after 2005. For models built prior to that year, motor relays convey electricity to all part of the vacuum and can be purchased. Female hose end receptacles can be replaced with a little electrical know-how.

Specific to upright vacuums, Kenmore vacuum parts that are available include bottom plates and vacuum bulbs. Bulbs can be installed on the underside of the vacuum to enable the user to see when vacuum under beds and other dark spaces, and bottom plates can replace defunct bottom plates that are no longer adequately cleaning carpets or whose wheels have stopped gliding along the floor.

The Kenmore canister vacuum parts include wheels in a variety of sizes. These wheels are sold individually, making it possible to replace only the wheel that is being problematic. A variety of hose replacements are available to support canister vacuum models, and lengths vary according to model and user need.

Kenmore vacuums that require belts are well served. A variety of belts designed to fit many different models of Kenmore vacuums are available for purchase. Canister model belts tend to be more expensive than their upright counterparts.

In addition to all of these Kenmore technical parts designed to ensure the vacuum functions as originally intended, there are a variety of accessories available to enhance the vacuums functionality. The mini power nozzle makes it possible to effectively clean small spaces, while the floor brush is ideal for surface cleaning. The turbo hand tool delves deep into carpet grain, making it ideal for vacuuming up pet hair and other hard-to-clean substances. Crevice tools allow the user to vacuum even the tightest corners.

If allergens are a concern, air filters and microfiltration bags help to eliminate them from the home. A variety of bags are designed to fit Kenmore models, including bags that trap allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet dander, and others that go a step further and have antibacterial and antifungal properties. If the vacuums air filter needs replacing, a variety of models are available to ensure air being released back into the home is free of allergens. Scented air tablets can be put inside of bags to freshen the air inside the home. Humidifier filters are available to restore moisture levels in low-humidity environments while filtering the air of allergens.