Selecting The Right Designer Wallpaper For You


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With a wide variety to select from and manufacturers trying to prove their products to be the best it has become very difficult to know what you require and what is the best suited option available. Sellers tend to confuse the buyers with the products and they end up buying the wrong article which does not fit to the requirements. Similar is the scenario when people go to buy designer wallpaper for renovating the interiors of houses. People do not look into the basics of buying. An idea of renovation propagates in the mind and the buyers simply move to the shops and then tend to get confused and end up with a bad deal.

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To avoid such a situation you should first take a complete survey of the area desired to be renovated, the basic requirement, the current theme and the required theme. Once all this gets sorted out the next thing which needs to be pre decided is the budget. The market has products which are costly which you may wish to choose to buy to carry out a feature wall.

Perhaps if you are looking to cover all of the walls in a room you can still find options which are economic enough to cover up the entire house or office. After deciding the two main factors if designer wallpaper is to be bought, the buyer should also keep full knowledge about the longevity and the maintenance required once the wallpaper goes up on the wall.

The durability quotient not only depends on the material of the paper but also on the right selection of the buyer. For instance if you desire to furnish your kitchen with wallpaper then the type and quality of fabric is the most important issue. This area of the house is generally humid throughout the day. If you use paper base wallpaper it will be in bad condition in weeks. Therefore for such places PVC coated wallpapers which are washable and more durable should be used. Similarly wallpapers with special textures can be used in specific area like brick texture wallpaper can be used around the fire place while setting your house ready for winters.

Buying the right amount in terms of measurement is also very important. It is not advisable to store the designer wallpapers as they tend to give a worn out look if kept unused. Therefore the measurement to be bought is very important. Proper measurements should be taken and an approximate of 30% extra should be kept for cutting and designing as running short would be a pain. It is better in this case to always have to much than too little.