Accent Wall


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An accent wall is a wall structure whose design is different from the design of the many other walls in the room. The accent wall’s color can easily be a different shade of the color of the many other walls, or have a totally different design with regards to the color and fabric. The covering of the accent wall could be paint, brick, marble and wallpaper. As their name suggests, accent walls are mostly meant to separate the design produced by the other walls, particularly when the walls are coated a single flat tone. Accent walls might not be a completely unique idea, but they are a good way to create a center point just about any room. Our sight is attracted to colors and some colors are appealing to our eyes than others.

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If your house is a small apartment, there is a great decorating hint that will help the space look larger than it really is: Create a vibrant accent wall. By creating a single accent wall in your house which uses a splash of vibrant color, your eye will be attracted to that part of the room and creates the total feeling that the room itself is really bigger than it is. This decorating strategy is particularly effective for those who live in apartments, because it is easier to return back to normal when it is time to move. It costs a small in time or cash to repaint your accent wall surface to match the rest of the place, but it makes a fantastic design difference when you are staying there.

If you have not heard about an accent wall you are in for a treat. Generally you design a wall of your living area to be the designer center point. The accent wall is usually painted a distinct color than the rest of the apartment; in fact it really works perfect when your accent wall is a vibrant, bold, dark and different color that stands out from the rest of the apartment. Whether you would like to outline a living space or focus a great piece of art or architectural design, an accent wall will create a striking, unique style element. Accent walls will also help you create color movement. By applying the same color in materials, finishes, components, and furnishings in next rooms, you can make a smooth change from space to space.

Remember that this method is used on a single wall only, to make it the center point of your living area. You do not want to use dark shades on all the walls in a very small apartment space, because it will make the apartment look smaller than it really is. Making your accent wall a vibrant and dark color will enhance the total room while allowing lots of existing light which helps create a large feel. And since the eyes will actually be captured by the accent wall, the room can be much bigger at the end. Consider making that accent wall in any apartment of your home making use of peel and stick wall decals. It is a special way to add color, design and character to a normally plain wall.