All You Need To Know Of The Stylish And Sleek Wallpapers Of Today

Interior Design

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Wallpapers became popular during the late 18th century and since then there was no turning back for wallpaper industry. With few ups and downs, the wallpaper industry has evolved along with the changing fashion world. Modern wallpaper add a fresh look to the otherwise dull, solid colour painted walls. To those who did not know, wallpapers are the mirror of our mind and personality. Selecting the right shades and designs will have a drastic impact on our feelings.

How to choose Wallpaper

As mentioned above, choosing the right wallpaper has an impact on our mood, style and personality. You can either go for light and airy themed wallpaper or warm and inviting type wallpapers. Light and airy wallpapers create a soothing feel and help brighten up the room with subtle shades and design. Warm wallpapers made of warm tone shades with floral design will create a welcoming feel.

Styles available

Whether you want the room to be vibrant and fun or subtle and airy, there is a suitable wallpaper to nail the style.
⢠Floral: Floral wallpaper is widely popular due to the delicateness and versatility offered by floral arts. These designs give a rich feel to the room.
⢠Geometric: Geometric patterns bring a modern vibe to the rooms. These modern wallpapers are the best at creating an illusion of spacious rooms. Even black and white wallpaper can also be the good option for your wall.
⢠Mimic/ Fake: Realistic wallpapers have created a niche for itself in the wallpaper industry. Brick wallpaper are one of them. These look so realistic that it imparts a beauty of its own to the whole structure.
⢠Drama: Dramatic wallpapers are the ones with jungle foliage, big cats and large palm leaf designs all over. These designer wallpapers have wow factors and can create an impact when it is combined with a boldcolour palette.
⢠Metallic: These wallpapers create visual interest by adding a sense of luxury and elegance to the room. These textures are capable of reflecting light and keep the space well light.
How to measure
1. Calculate the number of drops required
This can be calculated by measuring the width of each wall to be covered and divide by 53cm (standard width of most wallpapers).
2. Calculate the length
It is calculated as Height of the room x number of drops required.
Always buy at least 2 additional rolls than the required number to prevent a shortage and to see for mistakes.
How to clean
⢠Dusting the wallpaper one or twice a month will clean up the dust built up. The brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner is the best equipment to use for cleaning.
⢠Washing wallpapers with a soft sponge, dishwasher soap and water helps more than a dusting. Prior to doing this, check whether the wallpaper can withstand washing by doing a small spot test.
⢠Wallpaper dough is the best dry cleaning alternative for those wallpapers which cannot be washed. This method is used to lift away dirt and stains from the wall.
How to strip
Stripping is easy of the wallpaper is peelable or strippable. To know this, use a stripper, pull out one corner, and try stripping. If it comes off easily then it is strippable. If it is not strippable, try soaking the wallpaper in water or use fabric conditioner to peel.