Add Character To The Ceilings With Decorative Trims

Interior Design

The crown molding designs paved The practical reason is that crown moulding was able to cover the gaps formed by the intersection of wall and ceiling materials. Over the years, the plain crown moulding evolved into a decorative trim that uplifted the elegance of the room. ceiling designs

Is crown moldingused purelyfor decorative purpose?

Well, as mentioned earlier, it was originally installed for the practical purpose.

Interior Column

Interior Design

In case of the open region where the kitchen, as well as the dining area, is combined, the interior columns can be used in separating the areas instead of the walls. This will help in reinforcing the kitchen as well as the dining space. home design Placing one column in the room might be odd. It might look lonely too.

All You Need To Know Of The Stylish And Sleek Wallpapers Of Today

Interior Design

Wallpapers became popular during the late 18th century and since then there was no turning back for wallpaper industry. With few ups and downs, the wallpaper industry has evolved along with the changing fashion world. Modern wallpaper add a fresh look to the otherwise dull, solid colour painted walls. To those who did not know, wallpapers are the mirror of our mind and personality.