Divan Beds Vs Regular Beds

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Buying a new bed is a huge decision. The average person will spend around 200,000 hours of their lives sleeping. There are so many options available you’ll be easily forgiven for not jumping into the decision process blind. For example, will you be looking for a regular bed or will you have a look at buying a divan bed? Let’s take a look at the difference between regular beds and divan beds:

Divan Beds

Many people see divan beds as old-fashioned. What many people do not know is that diva beds are in fact quite fashionable these days. They can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics including various leathers. Ultimately you get much more choice for your divan bed. Here is a site to buy cheap divan beds online today.

You can easily pair your divan bed with a wide range of accessories such as a headboard. Your choices are far more flexible and you can make up your bed to suit your personal preferences. The reason more and more people are opting for a divan bed is that many of them offer built-in storage. These are great for ensuring that your winter blankets are safely stored away in summer. Divan beds with a built-in storage drawer offer you a suitable alternative to storage problems.

For many, the divan bed is wonderful as it takes up much less space than regular beds. Your bed is only as wide as your mattress. If you’re tight on space, then a divan bed is perfect for you. In addition, divan beds come with padded tops for additional comfort.

Divan Bed Advantages
These beds are absolutely perfect for a bedroom where your bed is not a focal point or where you have very little space.
Many divan beds come with built-in storage and they are also designed to take up much less space.
They can be personalized to suit your exact taste and needs.

Divan Bed Disadvantages
They tend to be more expensive because they are classified as multi-purpose furniture.
They are heavier than regular beds making moving them around much more difficult.

Regular Beds
Regular beds have gained much popularity over the last few years. One of the most notable is the wood framed bed, which is known to add an extra element of glamour to any bedroom. Another version which has become popular is the metal frame beds, which tend to be much more affordable.

Similar to divan beds, your regular bed can be found in a wide range of styles and materials. This allows the user to customize their bedroom to their heart’s content. Regular beds are much larger than divan beds and therefore they are used as bedroom focal points. It is important to keep I mind however that various bolts on your regular bed will need tightening every so often.

Advantages of Regular Beds
Bed frames are simply beautiful and more traditional.
A good quality frame will last a very long time.
You don’t have to buy a headboard.
Costs much less than a divan bed.

Disadvantages of Regular Beds
They are larger so won’t be suited for smaller spaces.
You’re going to need to tighten them regularly.